2017-2018 Student Dress Code

The Hamilton Middle School dress code for students is a result of the efforts of a committee
composed of students, parents, teachers, counselors and the administrative staff. It is our belief
that school pride is developed not only by attaining honor in scholastic accomplishments and
extra-curricular activities but also by the way students maintain high standards of behavior as
reflected in dress and grooming.

● Must be suitably sized short/long sleeved polo styled (with collar).
● Must be solid colored white/grey/navy blue. Patterns, graphics or logos are not permitted.
● Shirt/sweatshirts sold at Hamilton with school logo may be worn.
● Shirts must be tucked in while on campus.
● Club/organization shirts may be worn on any day.
● College/university shirts may be worn on any day.
● Must be suitably sized and worn tucked in.
● Must be white only. Patterns, graphics or logos are not permitted.
Pants / Shorts / Skirts
● Must be solid colored khaki (tan or navy blue). Patterns, graphics or logos are not
● Pants must be worn around waistline. “Sagging” is not permitted. Students who
continue to wear their pants inappropriately will have pants belted/pinned/or cinched so
that they fit appropriately.
● Skirt and short length must be no shorter than four fingers above the knee.
● Oversized, undersized, torn or ripped pants/shorts are not permitted at any times.
● Pant legs are not to be rolled up.
● Occasionally as a reward or incentive students will be allowed to wear jeans. When
students are allowed to wear jeans, they may not be torn or ripped, must fit appropriately
at the waist and may not sag.
● Must have a hard sole and back.
● Open-toed shoes, house shoes, slippers, flip-flops, sandals, heels, and platforms are not

● Must be solid colored white/grey/navy blue. Patterns, graphics or logos are not permitted.
● Jackets and sweaters that meet the dress code may be worn during the school day. Hoods
may not be worn in the building.
● Any jackets or sweaters that do not meet these criteria must be stored in the student’s
locker during the school day.

Hats and accessories
● Hats, caps, bandanas, hair wraps, combs, picks, costume wear, sunglasses, head bands etc.
are not permitted on campus unless approved by the principal.
● Students may not draw words, symbols, designs, or the like on exposed skin.
● Any exposed tattoos that are deemed inappropriate by administration must be covered.
● Earrings are the only piercings permitted. No spikes, loops over ½ inch or gauges
● Teeth grills are not permitted.
● Hair must be neat with no shaved words/symbols or designs and of a natural color.
Mohawks/faux-hawks are not permitted.

Non-Waiver of Dress Code: A note from a parent cannot be used to excuse deviation from the AHMS
dress code. Clothing, jewelry or adornments deemed by administration to be a distraction to the
learning environment is prohibited.

ID Badges
In order to help ensure a safe learning environment for students and staff, all students are
required to wear ID badges. The following policies apply:
➢ All students must wear ID Badges on a lanyard around their neck at all times. No
➢ Students who lose their badge must pay for a replacement badge.
➢ Students who forget their badge at home must purchase a temporary badge in the
cafeteria before school for $1.00 and will be assigned a lunch detention or afterschool
➢ Students who are repeatedly in violation of the school ID badge policy may face more
severe disciplinary action in accordance with the HISD code of conduct.
➢ ID badges are used to purchase lunches and to check out library books. Students without
an ID badge will report to the end of the lunch line.

Backpacks: Only clear, see-through or mesh backpacks are permitted to ensure campus safety.
Backpacks must be placed in a locker after homeroom and will not be permitted in classrooms
for the rest of the school day. Students may go to their lockers during the passing period.

Sharing of lockers is not permitted.

Dress Code Violation Procedures
A simple correction, such as tucking in one’s shirt, is to be done immediately. If a student is not
wearing the appropriate shirt or pants, the school will call the student’s home and a parent or
guardian will need to bring appropriate clothing. Frequent violations of the Student Dress Code
could lead to more serious consequences.

The administration of Hamilton Middle School reserves the right to make the final decision regarding the appropriateness of clothing and/or accessories.